Yuma Elementary School District One
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Discovery Club

As part of our dedication to our students and parents, Yuma School District One offers Discovery Club, a well-supervised before and after school program for K-6 students. This unique program provides a blending of enrichment activities and learning experiences based on the developmental needs of each child. The relaxed, yet productive, atmosphere of the centers and the planned programs are designed to foster the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth of each child.

In order to stimulate interests and encourage the mastery of new skills, we utilize a "mini club" approach to offer a wide variety of opportunities for discovery in the areas of arts and crafts, science, team sports, reading, recreation, music, and drama. We rotate these mini clubs regularly to allow for small groups of children to choose from activities of specific interest to them. We also set aside a quiet time each day for homework help and encouragement.

Our Discovery Club staff members are trained paraprofessionals and community volunteers. Together, they plan activities to help the children to develop physically and emotionally, to expand their knowledge and interests, and to build their self-esteem and sound personal relationships.

Schools with Discovery Clubs

A Discovery Club is located at each of the following schools:

  • Desert Mesa
  • Otondo
  • Rolle
  • Palmcroft

If you need additional information, please read our Discovery Club brochure, or contact the District Office at (928) 502.4375.