Yuma Elementary School District One
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Personalized Learning

We launched our brand new "personalized learning" initiative during the 2015-2016 school year. Here you will find all of the details you need to learn more about this wonderful program for our students. We are grateful to our community for their support—we can't do it without you! 

Personalized Learning Vision Statement

Empower every student and educator to utilize digital tools for high achievement and innovative excellence.

  • Students engage in powerful, personalized learning driven by the expertise of their teachers and the digital world.
  • Teachers facilitate personalized learning through a variety of blended learning models and the use of digital tools.
  • The Yuma community supports and takes pride in its students; success in growth towards college, career, and citizenship.

What Does Personalized Learning Look Like?

This is what we mean by personalized learning:


  • Every student in kindergarten through eighth grade will have access to an iPad.
  • That is approximately 9,000 devices we have purchased with bond dollars.

Personalized Learning Program

Through personalized learning, students will have:

  • Continued, rigorous, high quality, teacher-led whole-group instruction.
  • Increased small group and individual instruction based on the learning needs of each student.
  • Engaging, online academic content.
  • Motivating, collaborative group projects to deepen their understanding of learning

This is an exciting learning process for the whole community and requires the support of everyone involved. To ensure success, we have already begun extensive professional development, and we will continue to provide a high level throughout the school year. We are confident that this will meet the needs of your children, our teachers, and our community. We will continue to provide information through letters, phone calls, and parent nights.