AVID Elementary

AVID Elementary is a system of rigorous curriculum and strategic support so all students can be academically successful. AVID is both strategy and mindset that is woven into all areas of education. By implementing strategies such as WICOR and a growth mindset, AVID Elementary sets the foundation for a successful educational journey.

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Benefits of AVID Elementary School-Wide Include

  • School-wide goals and expectations for all grade levels
  • Collaboration across grade levels
  • Parent events and awareness programs to promote a college-going culture
  • College readiness expectations and atmosphere school-wide

What to Look for in an AVID Elementary Classroom

  • Student empowerment through daily use of binders, planners, and goal setting
  • All students using note-taking strategies
  • Teachers and students engaged in higher levels of questioning and thinking
  • Challenging lessons appropriate for each student academic language
  • WICOR lessons

What is W.I.C.O.R?

W - writing
I - inquiry
C - collaboration
O - organization
R - reading

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset means parents, teachers, and students confront new learning and challenging material with an attitude that says: “Maybe I can’t do this yet, or maybe I will need some help to learn, but I can do this!” When a student is just learning something new or is frustrated by challenging skills, a growth-mindset parent or teacher says things like:

"This is what you did well...and now you are ready to take the next step."

"Here is something you could not do before that you have learned to do...Let's think about how you learned that. How will that help you now?"

"You can be proud of yourself for sticking with that until you figured it out."