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Yuma Elementary School District One
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Military Families

Yuma School District One salutes military families and is committed to providing you with the best available services for the success of active duty and military-connected students!

Military Advocates

Military advocates provide academic, emotional, and social support. They introduce students to friendship, deployment, and reintegration groups. They insure that the student and their families know about all the activities and events at each school and encourage them to participate.

Rae Packard, MS
Military Advocate
Otondo Elementary, Price Elementary, Sunrise Elementary, Castle Dome Middle School, Ron Watson Middle School
(928) 502.8514
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Alexandra Siordia, BS
Military Advocate
Palmcroft Elementary, Rolle Elementary, Desert Mesa Elementary, Woodard Junior High School
(928) 502.8021
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Military Family Life Counselors

Military life counselors are based in our schools, funded by the Department of Defense. With parent permission, they provide free, confidential individual and group counseling to children and families to address the impacts of military life. They do not keep records of counseling. They also provide education and coaching to teachers and staff. Additional information about the military and family life counselor program is available online.

To contact a military family life counselor, please call your school directly.