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Phone: (928) 502.4300
Yuma Elementary School District One
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Purchasing Department

The Yuma Educational Materials Management Consortium (YEMMC) supports the purchasing, warehousing, and mail distribution functions for both YUHSD No. 70 and YESD No. 1. Additionally, YEMMC is a member of the Yuma Educational Purchasing Association together with a majority of the political subdivisions in Yuma County.

Please visit the Arizona Purchasing website for central prospective bidder’s registration and solicitation documents. Contact us with questions at 928) 502.4750, or fax us at (928) 502-4777.

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    Meet the Materials Management Staff

    Lynne Ford
    Procurement Manager
    (928) 502.4328
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    Andrea Ramirez
    Procurement Specialist
    (928) 502.4757
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    Yamiles Molina
    Office Specialist
    (928) 502.4752
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    Juan (Johnny) Ortiz
    Warehouse Lead (YESD)
    (928) 502.4760
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    Sam Galvan
    Warehouse Clerk (YUHSD)
    (928) 502.4753
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    Edgar Higuera
    Mail Courier
    (928) 502.4750
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