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This dedicated page has been developed to provide information, updates, and links related to returning to learning at District One for the 2020–2021 school year. We hope this page can serve as a reliable tool to keep families and staff engaged and informed as we work together to plan for the upcoming school year. Please check back frequently, as information will be updated as it becomes available.

As preparations are made to return to learning, Yuma School District One remains committed to academic excellence and providing a safe and equitable learning environment.

Parent Choices for Innovative Education

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Roadmap to Return to Learning

    The following chart contains important dates which will guide families as the first day of school approaches on August 3. This timeline will be updated as details develop. 

    View the Roadmap to Return to Learning
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    If I select the hybrid five-day learning track, how will my child be supervised?

    For the hybrid five-day learning track, students will learn in their classroom with their teacher two days per week. However, rather than working remotely from home for three days, they will work from a location on school campus for these three days in a remote fashion. They will have a teacher or state certified substitute in the room at all times who will be available to provide support to students as they complete their work. This model is mostly intended for families concerned about childcare, thus, parents will be confident their children are completing their schoolwork in a safe environment five days per week.

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    How long is the school day?

    At this time, District One will maintain previous start and end times without early out on Monday’s. For this year’s bell schedule, please visit our Calendar page.

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    I recently registered my child at District One. Is there still time to select a learning track?

    Yes. Please feel free to reach out directly to your child's school. School phone numbers are available on the Our Schools page.

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    Will all four learning tracks be in place when school starts?

    Yes. District One is providing parents with all four options when school resumes.

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    What are District One’s considerations during the planning process for the upcoming school year?

    Yuma School District One is considering a variety of factors as we plan for the 2020–2021 school year. First and foremost is student and staff health and safety. By following guidelines set by federal, state, and local health officials, should our schools reopen, we are prepared to implement new policies and procedures to maintain a healthy learning environment. In addition, parent and staff concerns are an essential piece of the planning process. Through parent and staff feedback, District One is taking into consideration an array of concerns. With thoughtful discussion and strategic planning, District One will provide reasonable and responsible learning options for families to choose from.

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    My child has an IEP and is at a higher risk for illness. Will staff who work with my child take additional precautions if schools reopen?

    Yes. District One recognizes the unique needs of students and the increased health risks that may be present. We are strategically planning schedules, class rotations, and limiting person-to-person interactions. Additionally, when possible, select staff will wear additional personal protective equipment (PPE), take additional precautions, and increase cleaning procedures in these classrooms. Good hygiene practices are also essential to protecting the health and safety of students and staff. District One will implement new daily routines, post signs, and share educational materials to help remind students and staff about the importance of handwashing and other good hygiene habits.

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    Will grab ‘n go meals be available if the school is closed?

    Yes. Our child nutrition team is fully prepared to continue meal service to students. If students are learning remotely, grab ‘n go service will continue. We will determine additional details and schedules at a later time.

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    If remote learning is implemented, will this instruction engage and challenge my child?

    Yes. If we require remote learning due to official guidance or to protect the health of students and staff, this learning model will be substantial. District One is so proud of our teachers and staff who received virtually no warning of school closures in March 2020 and immediately implemented a remote learning model. Now, with time and planning, District One is prepared, should we need, to provide a structured, engaging, and rigorous remote learning option to advance student learning. Also, additional training for staff and additional technical support for parents and students will be provided to ensure a successful remote learning environment.

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    My child will enroll in an online program at this time. Does District One have a program for my child?

    Yes. For more than seven years, Yuma School District One has successfully operated our digital learning academy for complete online learning, accredited by the Arizona Department of Education. The digital learning academy is an online homeschooling program in which students can work at their own pace while receiving guidance from dedicated online instructors. This team of online educators received specialized training to ensure a meaningful, rigorous online learning experience.

    To learn more about Yuma School District One’s Digital Learning Academy, please contact Rindy Ward by email.

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    What additional precautions is the district planning for should they offer in-person student learning?

    The health and safety of students and staff is our top priority as we plan for the possible return to in-person learning. District One has done extensive research to ensure that new routines are in place and new sanitizing equipment and supplies are purchased. These new procedures include, but are not limited to:

    • The purchase of electrostatic sanitizers for efficient, effective sanitizing of facilities and classrooms.
    • The purchase of touchless hand sanitizer stations to be installed in high-traffic areas at each school.
    • The purchase of plexiglass partitions for locations in which social distancing cannot be applied.
    • Limiting non-essential visitors and volunteers at school.
    • Require staff to complete daily health screenings. Request that parents conduct daily, at-home health screenings of students.
    • Develop signs and routines to educate and reinforce the importance of good hygiene habits among students and staff

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    What is the best way to stay connected for updates and announcements of return-to-school options or changes?

    For up-to-date information, District One recommends visiting our website and/or our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). District One works hard to ensure that messages reach all families. We routinely send emails, text messages, and post to social media and our website, as well as print paper flyers for pick-up at your child’s school. Also, schools will use Class DoJo and Jabber to share messages. To ensure you continue to receive these messages, please contact your school secretary if your contact information changes.

    For questions or concerns, or if you have not received previous messages, please email us.

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    How do I submit my additional questions or concerns to the school district?

    For questions or concerns related to Returning to Learning, please email us, and a staff member will be happy to assist you. Also, if you know the individual or department you wish to reach, please visit our Department Contacts page.

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    How will the local COVID-19 situation affect the decision for the district?

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