School Safety

Yuma School District One’s top priority is to protect the safety of all students, employees, visitors, and others present on district property or at school-sponsored events. We know that a safe, supportive learning environment is essential for student success.

District One maintains comprehensive emergency operation plans for each school and other facilities in the district and coordinates such plans with the local municipalities. The plans are in accordance with standards developed jointly by the Department of Education and the Division of Emergency Management within the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.

Our approach to safety and security is multifaceted, and reviewed regularly. The following policies are just a glimpse into how District One prioritizes safety and security.

School Security

All District One schools have perimeter fencing and a single point of entry that remains closed and locked during school hours. Entry is also monitored by a buzzer system, controlling entrance to campus. All visitors must enter and exit through the school’s front office. All classroom doors have locks that are engaged from inside the classroom.

Visitor Policy

All visitors, including parents/guardians, must enter and exit through the school’s front office. This allows school staff to know who is on campus at any given time.

While on campus, visitors are asked to comply with all district safety guidelines, including, but not limited to:

  • ensuring all doors or gates are closed properly
  • visiting only the areas indicated at visitor check in
  • refraining from tampering with safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and alarm systems
  • immediately reporting any safety concerns to school staff

Law Enforcement

District One is grateful for the support and involvement of our local law enforcement and first responders. We regularly work together with local agencies to ensure the safety of our campuses. Their review and input of District One’s emergency operations plans are invaluable.

Through a valued partnership with the Yuma Police Department, all five District One middle schools have a dedicated school resource officer assigned to each campus. These officers not only provide daily, on-site safety for all students and staff, but also regularly interact with students to build strong, positive relationships.

Dedicated School Resource Officers

  • Fourth Avenue - Officer Hernandez
  • Castle Dome - Officer Saucedo
  • Gila Vista - Office Saenz
  • Ron Watson - Officer Reed
  • Woodard - Officer Thompson

Safety Drills

Emergency drills are performed on a regular basis. Each school conducts the following:

  • fire drills
  • school bus evacuation drills
  • earthquake drills
  • lockdown drills

A school may enter lockdown to secure school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose an immediate threat in or around the school. The primary objective of a lockdown is to quickly ensure all school staff, students, and visitors are secured.

Shelter-in-Place or Modified Lockdown
This may occur when there is a potentially dangerous situation off campus but in close proximity to the school or when it is safer inside the building or a room than outside.

Parent Communication

In the event of an emergency, your child’s school or district administration will use established internal communication to notify parents/guardians directly. Please ensure that your school has updated contact information to reach you by phone, text, and email. It is also imperative that the school has an updated list of emergency contacts. In the event of reunification, a student will only be released to an adult listed as an emergency contact.