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Yuma Elementary School District One
ONE Community Pursuing Excellence

School Health Services

The mission of School Health Services is to enhance the education of our students by removing health related barriers to learning and promoting an optimal level of wellness.

We abide by our motto:

Health & Learning: the Critical Link to Student Success

We staff each of our 18 school sites with a certified Health Technician (LNA, CNA, or MA) and supervised by one of our four registered nurses. Together, our School Health Services Team provides essential daily services to all District ONE students, including:

  • Immunization Review & Notification
  • Health Screenings (height & weight, vision, hearing, blood pressure, scoliosis)
  • Communicable Disease Reporting
  • Health Teaching
  • Collaboration with Dental Clinics and the United Way

Director of Health Services

Wendy Chesney, BSN, RN
Director of Health Services
(928) 502-4420
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Supervising Registered Nurse:: Erlinda Lee, BSN, RN

Carver Health Office (928) 502-7581
Gila Vista Health Office (928) 502-7146
McGraw Health Office (928) 502-7670
Fourth Ave Health Office (928) 502-7050
Roosevelt Health Office (928) 502-8156
Palmcroft Health Office (928) 502-8004

Supervising Registered Nurse:

Woodard Health Office (928) 502-7208
Rolle Health Office (928) 502-8235
OC Johnson Health Office (928) 502-7824
Pecan Grove Health Office (928) 502-8056
Alice Byrne Health Office (928) 502-7506

Supervising Registered Nurse: Yvette Avila Guzman, RN

Desert Mesa Health Office (928) 502-8626
Dorothy Hall Health Office (928) 502-8313
Otondo Health Office (928) 502-8508
Price Health Office (928) 502-7731

Supervising Registered Nurse: Mona Hoffmeyer, RN

Castle Dome Health Office (928) 502-7300
Ron Watson Health Office (928) 502-7450
Sunrise Health Office (928) 502-8733

Concerns over COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Should the status of COVID-19 in Yuma County change, District One will communicate with parents/guardians in multiple ways to ensure you receive our messages. As a reminder, please ensure your child(ren)’s school has updated contact information to include: email address, home or cell phone number, and mailing address. Since the use of Blackboard Messaging is a useful tool, we encourage you to ensure you are enrolled to receive these messages.

Where can parents/guardians find updated information?